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Jesus saves!
Are you
Some wretched sinner who
Lives an ungodly life? Have we
Got a
Deal for
You! I'd like to
Introduce you to the
Single-most sought commodity
Since sin!
Yes sir, Jesus!
And we've got him, special,
Just for you! Christianity,
The one
Sure cure!
The Son of God,
Christ the Lord Almighty,
Sent to this earth so you could be
Washed clean,
Saved eternal!
Not available through
Judaism, Bhuddism, or
Or Taoism!
Friend, we have the patent
On the salvation of lost souls
Like yours
And the
Copyright is
In the name of Jesus
Circa 33 A of D!
What's your
Soul worth?
What would you pay
To rid yourself of sin?
We take cash, check, or credit cards;
We take
It all!
Your salvation
Guaranteed to the end
Of time—sorry, no C.O.D.'s!
Jesus saves!

© 1996 by J. M. Pressley

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