J. M. Pressley
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The Box

the TV kept talking to me
in words whispered over 60-cycle hum
(Hey dude this is AMERICA)
and I tried not to
tried to tune it out
(Hey hey don't you TOUCH that dial)
but it kept talking

I'd wake up with it telling me
what to eat and drink
(All the TASTE and half the calories)
how to dress
where to go and what to do
(Buy it NOW you need it NOW)
and who's a loser and who's

as the day slumped to an end
it blared out everything I
might have missed that day
(Gotta keep up man it's the INFORMATION age)
what all the latest
wore today and
who's shooting who
(Eyewitness News: the next BEST thing to being there)
and who I could

so one tired night
in the middle of a

I went to the closet
got my Louisville Slugger
(When a relaxing moment turns into the RIGHT moment....)
and beat the fucking thing
to pieces

© 1996 by J. M. Pressley

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