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Auden Across the Decades: Wystan Hugh Auden died in 1973 having accomplished a remarkable journey that spanned decades—and left him established as one of the premier poets of the 20th century.

Authority Song: Hyperfiction: Is reading as much a creative act as writing? Is the author becoming irrelevant? Hyperfiction advocates seem to think so.

A Brief History of the Rhyme Royale: This stanza was an important English verse form until the seventeenth century.

Coherence in Paragraph-Level Structures: What is it that makes a paragraph a unified collection of sentences, and how can it be taught?

Reactions to Bolter: A small tip to hyperfictionalists: being a revolutionary is not the same as being a visionary.

Shakespeare and the Precarious Friendship Ideal: Explored in both Julius Caesar and The Two Noble Kinsmen, the word "love" sees little more than lip service.

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