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Anatomy of a Blank Verse Poem: How many writers do you know that would do a line-by-line close reading of one of their own poems? Yeah, me neither.

Anticipation and Anxiety: We get older because time passes. We age because of anticipation and anxiety while time passes.

Antisociality: I posit a stupid rationale underpinning my hatred of people.

Design Dies an Imperfect Death: Is Web design a dying art, and when is a standard not really a standard?

Egyptian Girl—John Singer Sargent: A short essay that explores John Singer Sargent's study, Egyptian Girl.

The Fallacy of The Passion: Would Jesus would have told the story the same way?

Gag Reflexive: Read this and help stamp out the wanton misuse of the reflexive pronoun.

Greed on Display in Comcast - Big Ten Network Dispute: Both the Big Ten and Comcast claim to be putting fans first. Make no mistake—this is about putting money first, not fans.

Hogzilla and Me: So, what might a website and a folklorish feral hog have in common?

How to Win at the Tables Despite Yourself: Once again, I marvel at the capriciousness of the gambling experience.

Nighthawks—Edward Hopper: A short essay that explores Edward Hopper's seminal 1942 piece, Nighthawks.

Old Yeller: In his own words, Pat Robertson makes an excellent case in favor of the separation of church and state.

Open Letter to the President: Yeah, I know you won't actually read it. But seeing as you haven't repealed the Constitution yet, I'm still entitled to give you unsolicited advice to elicit a little circumspection on your part. Oops, sorry, Mr. President—that means thinking.

Reality Bites: Reality TV is dragging television programming down in general. Who's to blame more: the networks or the audience?

Reflections on the Origin of Veterans Day: As Americans, we really need to consider the terrible losses inflicted on all participants of the Great War.

A Sense of Religion: It doesn't seem terribly difficult to comprehend the collective message of the major religions. Yet 2,000 years later, we still don't seem to get it.

That's Why They Call It Gambling: One of these days, I'm going to figure out blackjack. Or I'm going to go broke trying.

The Way the Music Died: Heard any good guitar solos lately? No? I'm disappointed, but hardly surprised.

When Good Channels Go Bad: Dude, where's my educational programming? Why I'm coming to loathe my once-favorite cable channels.

Why Not Shakespeare?: Why do I continue to support the Bard as the author of his plays? To me, it's simple.

Working Man's Address to "The Man": We've all had it with The Man. Now I tell him like it is.

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